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Dr. Móga István

maintenance planning, civil engineering, ageing management, industrial and transportation facilities

Professional services

Professional areas

maintenance planning
ageing management review
civil engineering, structural engineering
lifetime engineering

project management
knowledge management
facility management

Professional activities

Consulting, Advisory, Investigative and Predesign Services

  • Investigations and studies
    1. clarification of the Hungarian design requirements: technical requirement comes from regulations, standards, guidelines
    2. clarification of the licensing requirements: identification of necessary licenses, content of the application documentation, data supply necessary to preparing licensing documentation
    3. study of client's needs, development of alternative concepts
  • Acquisition of local data to be considered during design
  • Preparing licensing schedule, following it, making regular reports of the progress
  • Checking the documentation provided by Customer for licensing purpose according to conformity with Hungarian technical requirement and counter-signature of plans by authorized designer with the relevant declaration and statement as “Responsible designer”; Preparing application documentation, based on plans and documents provided by Customer
  • Translation of the technological technical description for licensing design from English/German to Hungarian

Preliminary Design Services

  • Study of client’s needs, analysis of conditions or methods of operation
  • Schematic design and design development for building project
  • Development of preliminary design report

Licensing service

Licensing design

Project Management Services

  • Project plan design
  • Submittal of applications to authorities on behalf of Customer, correspondence with authorities
  • Arrangement of the site visits, investigations, controls with Authorities and participation on them

Detailed Design Services

Scope of services

  • Preparing detailed calculations; design drawings, specifications
  • Preparing performance specifications and designs for design/build projects
  • Preparing drawings, resolving detailed problems, selecting equipment and developing specifications
  • Coordinating engineers and/or other design service groups
  • Demolishing and/or reconstruction plan of existing buildings
  • Design of temporary facilities of construction works
  • Quality assurance plan
  • Ageing management review
  • Maintenance planning

Detailed engineering services

Civil engineering
Structural engineering

Services after Project Implementation

  • providing record/as built drawings

Construction Management Services

  • general planning of construction work, scheduling
  • organizational layout
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maintenance planning, lifetime engineering, ageing management, facility management, industrial and commercial facilities, consulting engineer, project coaching, civil engineer, static expert, project management, knowledge management