Dr. István Móga +36 (30) 924 1551 mail@mogaistvan.hu www.mogaistvan.hu


How do I work?

I can help you analyze your problem unbiased from more than one point of view. The solutions I am providing will help the firm or project to solve the problems in the quickly changeing exterior end interior environment.

I’m determined to work objectively and I’m willing to help.

I integrate the viewpoints of the different technical cultures/areas; I make an effort to give satisfaction to customer on the needs fast and economic.

Professional experiences

  • Management experiences on leading a complex building design team
  • Leading experiences in large building design projects
  • Solution of organizational and human resource problems
  • Technical design of large building planning project
  • Location of industry, environmental rehabilitation
  • Building expert tasks
  • Work down structures, specifications, preparing offers
    Participation in international projects
  • Technical, economical and leading knowledge and experiences
  • Knowledge of technical and leading culture of various technical areas
  • Experiences on education (consultant and a critic for diploma work)
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