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About me

Dr. István MÓGA

M.Sc. civil/stuructural engineer MBA
concrete constructional engineer
Facility manager
Building expert, designer

Hungary, Budapest

I am a design engineer, at the present I work in the energetic area.

I participate in and direct the planning of the civil part of the conventional coal, gas and biomass firing power plants. I made and direct the civil part of the design of technological development of nuclear power plant, special for operating life extension.

The preparation of the aging management system of the nuclear power plant building structures made by contribution and leading of me. The design of the civil part of the transformation substations made me and I directed the preliminary design of surface facilities of radioactive repository.

There are parts of my work the making of project plans of design projects. I work as an expert in the solutions of the knowledge management problems.

As university student I made a report about box girder bridges, after graduation I wrote doctoral thesis on the behavior and design of box girder bridges. I made a state of the art report about the construction and design of prestressed concrete segmental bridges.

I worked as a design engineer related to the professional areas of the underground railway and other civil engineering buildings for decade.

I participate in the education as consultant and a critic for diploma work at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and at Széchenyi István University (Győr).

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